Problems encountered in the operation of automatic coil winding machine

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The automatic coil winding machine can wind various specifications of coils, the common ones are square circular coils and directional coils. There will be some differences in the setting of different coils. It is necessary to set the parameters correctly, and adjust the coil winding tension and the wire passing form in place to produce better crafts and more beautiful coil products. At the same time, the automatic coil winding machine may encounter various problems during the operation, and the most common phenomena mainly include the following situations.

automatic coil winding machine

1. The coil wire is not neatly wound. When this happens, it is necessary to analyze whether the problem occurred during the normal processing or after the product was replaced and debugged. If it is the former situation, most of the cases are caused by hardware problems, if it is the latter situation, it is generally a setting problem. The hardware problem may be due to the loosening of the fixtures, or the loosening of the fastening screws of the wiring mechanism, or the insufficient lubrication environment of the wiring mechanism, which will cause the stepper motor to run under load and cause the wiring failure. Qi situation.

2. The position of the spindle parking is not accurate enough, which is also a frequent occurrence of the automatic coil winding machine. This situation is mainly caused by the brake problem. Like the brake pads are loose, or the black brake pads are worn out. In addition, it has a lot to do with the setting of braking time. If the setting time is not enough, it will lead to inaccurate spindle parking position. To solve this problem, you need to replace the brake pads or readjust the braking time.

3. Inaccurate coils, or deviations in the count of the coil winding machine, are mainly due to problems with the sensor or controller, causing the coil winding machine to fail to work normally, and the coil winding machine manufacturer needs to repair it.

4. An abnormal sound occurs during the operation of the automatic coil winding machine. The difference in the sound is used to determine whether the coil winding machine has abnormal problems. Of course, this requires professional personnel to judge.

In the process of operating the automatic coil winding machine, after the coil winding machine is started, the limbs cannot approach the rotating parts. If you need to make adjustments, you must stop the operation of the equipment first. After the adjustment is completed, you can restart it after confirming your safety. In addition, the operator should not wear gloves, sleeves should not be used, and long hair should be tied up. If there is an abnormal sound in the coil winding machine, immediately stop the operation and find a professional person for repair.

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Problems encountered in the operation of automatic coil winding machine

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