Reduce the temperature of the coil winding machine slip ring

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If the coil winding machine has been running for a long time, the temperature of the slip ring parts may rise, which may cause damage to the coil winding machine equipment. In order to avoid this phenomenon, some measures need to be taken in time to solve this problem.

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(1) If it is caused by insufficient coaxial cooling air volume for the slip ring of the coil winding machine. Measures to increase cooling and ventilation can be taken, such as installing an external axial fan for cooling. When the temperature of the brush or slip ring is high, the fan can be started to strengthen the surface heat exchange, and the cooling effect is ideal. Regularly use dry and clean compressed air to blow the dust and dust on the slip ring, dust on the slip ring cover, check and dredge the small holes of the slip ring after shutdown, check and clean the air inlet filter.

(2) Improve the maintenance quality of winding electrical brushes, and eliminate heating defects in time. Use the original factory brushes and brush boxes as much as possible. The carbon brush should move up and down freely in the brush holder. The gap between the carbon brush and the brush holder should be 0.1~0.2mm, and the brush should be free from bounce, shaking or jamming; the brush surface should be bright and free of impurities, and the spring pressure should be Adjust it to 11~12N. If the pressing force is too small, replace the brush or adjust the pressure. The surface temperature of the slip ring should not exceed 120°C. In addition, the brush should be replaced when 2/3 of its height is removed or the contact is poor. The brush holder should be free of dirt. If the oxide film on the surface of the slip ring is too thick or the surface is rough or not smooth, it should be polished with a fine emery cloth or white cloth. Rough emery cloth is prohibited.

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Reduce the temperature of the coil winding machine slip ring

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