Safe operation of motor winding machine

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Before using the motor winding machine to do the winding work, we must first understand its safe operation specification.In the operation of the motor winding machine, the large size rotating die, the operation of manual assembly line and the loading and unloading process of the die are all places where safety accidents are easy to occur.

Brushless motor winding machine

How to use motor winding machine is safer?

1.The standing position of motor winding machine operators

When the motor winding machine is running, it will drive the mold to run. During the running, there is a certain rotating diameter, within which the operator is strictly prohibited to stand.Die injury accidents account for more than 50% of motor winding machine safety accidents. Therefore, safety distinctions among operators should be established and marked clearly.

2.Safe operation of manual junction line

Many strands of enameled wire are used in the production of large motor coils, so it is necessary for operators to carry out junction line operation.During manual operation, the gloves should not be too thick, and it is strictly prohibited to directly touch the enameled wire. The enameled wire is likely to generate high temperature and burn due to friction during wiring.

3.Safety considerations in loading and unloading molds

Whether the mold is fixed effectively directly affects the safety of the motor winding machine.In the process of loading and unloading, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the fastening requirements. The loading and unloading of large molds can be carried out with the help of equipment such as crane to ensure safety.

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Safe operation of motor winding machine

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