Screen monitoring principle of motor winding machine

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As a special electronic equipment for the production of coils, the motor winding machine is an electromechanical equipment integrating mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, electronic, and computer technologies. It is mainly used for various electromagnetic coils (such as electromagnetic coils, motor rotors, and digital products). With coils, etc.). With the development of science and technology, electrical products continue to develop in the direction of small, light and intelligent, and the demand for small, thin wire diameter and high-quality coils is increasing. Now domestic motor winding machine have fully automatic, multi-functional and efficient automation products. It realizes functions such as automatic wire arrangement, automatic foot wrapping, automatic thread trimming, and automatic frame loading and unloading, with extremely high production efficiency. However, the current automatic motor winding machine has material and wire breakage, which not only greatly affects the quality of the product, but also makes the production unsustainable and even stops production. During the winding process of the screen monitoring automatic motor winding machine, when there is a material or wire break, the screen monitoring system will make a judgment and timely feedback the shutdown.

1.The structure design of the screen monitoring automatic motor winding machine

The mechanical part of the screen monitoring automatic motor winding machine mainly consists of a spindle mechanism assembly, a wire arrangement mechanism, a wire clamp mechanism, a tension controller, and a loading and unloading mechanism (as shown in Figure 1). The coil winding is completed through the coordinated actions of the spindle mechanism assembly, the wire arrangement mechanism and the wire clamp mechanism in the figure.

The following is a detailed analysis of the coil winding process and the main structure of the motor winding machine.

The overall structure of the automatic winding machine and Spindle winding mechanism

The spindle mechanism assembly consists of a spindle servo motor, a spindle assembly, and a winding workpiece fixture (as shown in Figure 2). Its working principle is that the control system controls the servo motor to drive the spindle assembly to rotate, and each spindle is equipped with a workpiece fixture to clamp the winding The skeleton of the workpiece drives it to rotate and wind.

The wire-arranging mechanism is composed of a wire nozzle, a wire-arranging shaft, and a three-axis winding drive device of X, Y, and Z (as shown in Figure 3). The thread nozzle is installed on the spool, the X, Y, Z three-axis winding drive device is composed of three groups of ball screw mechanisms and servo motors. The servo motors drive the ball screw mechanism to move under the command of the control system to achieve precise Control the movement of the X, Y, Z axis of the cable axis. The X, Y, Z three-axis winding drive device drives the winding shaft for three-dimensional movement, and the spindle mechanism assembly drives the coil workpiece skeleton to rotate, and the electromagnetic wire is guided by the wire nozzle to accurately wind on the coil workpiece skeleton to complete the winding action.

Arrangement mechanism of the motor winding machine

The high-precision wiring system is the key assembly to achieve high-quality and precise winding of the coil. During the winding process, the CNC system's circular interpolation, linear interpolation and other interpolation methods make the wiring mechanism and spindle mechanism assembly accurate Cooperate with movement to realize precise wiring. Ensure that the coil windings are wound evenly and tightly, and the turns are arranged tightly. Avoid defects such as taper, collapse and bulge. At the same time, it can correctly complete the head-wrapping and tail-wrapping actions.

The wire clamp mechanism is composed of wire clamp components, drive cylinders and other mechanisms (as shown in Figure 4). The wire clamp drive cylinder completes the clamping and opens the wire clamp head, and the up and down, front and back drive cylinders complete the corresponding movement of the wire clamp assembly. The swing drive cylinder drives the wire clamp assembly to swing through the rack and pinion mechanism. After the loading and unloading mechanism sends the coil and workpiece skeleton into the clamp on the main shaft, the winding head is first performed. The clamp cylinder drives the clamp to clamp the end of the magnet wire and move it to a suitable position. The other end of the magnet wire is drawn by the wire nozzle Traction, under the drive of the X, Y, Z three-axis cable arrangement to carry out foot-wound movement. The wire clamp mechanism releases the thread end of the magnet wire, and the wire arranging mechanism and the main shaft mechanism perform winding.

Wire clamp mechanism

After the winding is completed, the winding action is completed. The electromagnetic wire is pulled by the nozzle and moved to the middle of the clamp. The clamp assembly is driven by the cylinder to close the clamp, and then the solenoid is dragged by the driving cylinder of the clamp mechanism. After the thread trimming is completed, the wire clamp mechanism continues to clamp the magnet wire and waits for the winding of the next workpiece skeleton. The entire wire clamping winding process is continuously repeated without manual intervention, which greatly improves production efficiency.

In order to make the winding tightness of the coil suitable and full, to ensure the consistency of the coil technical indicators. The magnet wire should be wound with proper tension. The magnetic damping tensioner is the key component of the motor winding machine to generate adjustable tension during winding. It uses a magnetic field as a medium to generate a constant resistance torque through magnetic damping to ensure constant tension during the pay-off process, and its tension control is extremely stable . The electromagnetic wire passes through the tension controller and the nozzle fixed on the winding shaft mechanism. The high-precision tension controller ensures that the electromagnetic wire can be tightly wound on the workpiece skeleton.

The loading and unloading mechanism is driven by an air cylinder to send the workpiece skeleton to the fixture for clamping, and can unload the winding workpiece from the fixture to realize automatic loading and unloading.

2.Working mechanism of screen monitoring of automatic motor winding machine

In order to make a judgment when the material is broken or disconnected, the screen monitoring system can make a judgment. When the winding work starts, the camera takes a picture of the workpiece and transmits the image to the controller for processing by the image processing chip. The image processing chip generates the initial skeleton model of each workpiece; while the winding work is in progress, the camera scans the workpiece every 3 seconds Take a shot and transmit the image to the controller. The image processing chip generates a running skeleton model from the picture, and compares the running skeleton model with the initial skeleton model; when the error between the two skeleton models is within the allowable error range, it is explained Winding works normally. When the error between the two skeleton models exceeds the allowable error range, it means that there is an abnormality in the winding work, which may be caused by the break of the electromagnetic wire, and the controller suspends the work of the whole machine and triggers the sound and light alarm. , Waiting for inspection processing or workpiece replacement by the operator.


This product adopts multiple spindles to complete precision winding of multiple workpieces at one time, and the process is automated from the feeding winding of the coil production to the winding of the coil. At the same time, the screen monitoring system can distinguish the occurrence of material breakage and disconnection, and effectively keep the production going smoothly.

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Screen monitoring principle of motor winding machine

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