Speed adjustment of stator winding machine

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In order to meet the winding processing of different stator coils, stator winding machine are generally equipped with spindle speed adjustment function. The stator winding machine has different processing methods, and its configuration will be different. At present, there are three common driving motors, which have their own characteristics when adjusting speed.

stator winding machine

1. The speed regulation of AC motors is a relatively common form at present. This type of motor itself has no speed regulation function. It is necessary to use an electromagnetic speed regulation device or a frequency converter to complete the speed regulation function. The frequency converter speed regulation is a relatively common form. The control system of the stator winding machine is used to control the frequency converter to make the motor complete the speed regulation function.

2. The speed control methods of DC motors are currently divided into two types: DC brushed and DC brushless. The DC motor needs to convert the provided power supply into DC power when adjusting the speed. In this way, the motor is driven. Therefore, the DC motor is usually equipped with a DC speed control board or a brushless driver, which is used to drive and control. Electric motor. Moreover, the size of this type of motor is relatively small and can be used in relatively small stator winding machines.

3. The servo drive motor template is generally only used in automatic winding machine equipment. It is a moving part, which is used in some stator winding machines with higher precision requirements. The servo motor is used in combination with a special driver to complete closed-loop motion control. Its biggest feature is constant torque and closed-loop operation, which can realize the winding and processing of high-precision stator coils.

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Speed adjustment of stator winding machine

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