Stator winding machine for various coil settings

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Stator coils are used in many electrical appliances, and these stator coils need to use a stator coil winding machine to complete the winding of the inductor coil. When the stator coil winding machine is running, the parameters need to be set reasonably according to the application scenario of the coil to ensure that the stator coil winding machine can run smoothly.

stator winding machine

1. When setting the winding of the transformer coil, it is necessary to set the starting point of the stator coil winding machine, as well as the winding width, total number of turns, starting and winding slow, and stopping slow, etc. You can refer to the instructions and application examples that match the stator coil winding machine. According to the characteristics of the transformer coil, when setting the parameters of the coil stator winding machine, you must first pay attention to the position of the coil tap when setting the starting point position. Do not set it to the same side of the coil. In addition, when setting the speed, it needs to be determined according to the enameled wire material used, especially for flat wires, the winding shaft speed should not be too fast, otherwise it may cause loss of synchronization between the winding shaft and the main shaft.

2. When setting the motor stator coil, due to its relatively small width and large diameter, it can be wound in the form of single strand or multiple strands of enameled wire, and the spindle needs to be positioned across the slot during winding. When setting the parameters, it is necessary to use multi-strand enameled wire and the wire diameter parameter should be added when winding. The adjustment value should not be too small. The number of idle turns of the stator authorization winding machine needs to be set according to the speed and wire diameter.

3. For the ballast coil, it is a relatively small coil component. The enameled wire should be directly wound on the bobbin when winding. When setting, adjust according to the size of the bobbin, because most of the bobbin of the ballast coil They are all plastic, and deformation may occur. Therefore, a certain amount of deformation correction value needs to be added when setting the width.

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Stator winding machine for various coil settings

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