The application of brushless DC motors is extensive

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Brushless DC motors are relatively lighter and thinner, and smaller in size. The application rate of brushless motors in some audio-visual home appliance industries and automobile manufacturers is getting higher and higher. The market for brushless motors is getting larger and larger and used in various industries. Brushless DC motors are used in some digital cameras, camcorders, printers, vacuum cleaners, new energy vehicles, etc.

brushless DC motor

The application of DC brushless motor has replaced the speed regulation of DC motor, the speed regulation of frequency converter + frequency conversion motor, and the speed regulation of asynchronous motor + reducer. It has all the advantages of the traditional DC motor, while removing the carbon brush and slip ring structure, the torque advantage is obvious. In the low-to-medium speed operating environment, the torque function can be exerted well. In addition, the DC brushless motor has a large starting torque and a relatively small starting current, which can realize a large-scale stepless speed regulation and has a stronger overload capacity. And compared with the traditional brushed motor, the service life of the brushless DC motor is longer.

In addition, the brushless motor itself has no excitation and carbon brush loss, so it can eliminate the multi-stage deceleration loss. This process can save 20%-60% of the power loss. Therefore, although the price of the DC brushless motor is higher than that of the ordinary motor, the electricity cost saved can basically be recovered in about a year. Moreover, energy conservation and environmental protection are the current social themes, and brushless motors will be more widely used in the future.

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The application of brushless DC motors is extensive

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