The automation technology problem of motor winding machine

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The role of the motor winding machine is to wind the linear object to the required workpiece, is a relatively common electrical mechanical processing equipment.Using motor winding machine for processing can obviously improve the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce artificial pressure, and the product quality will be more stable.And a motor winding machine will use a variety of automatic devices, in the winding machine automation technology there are some problems.

motor winding machine

1.High productivity, the popularity of multifunctional models

Single head winding is a common way of motor winding machining, and the function is relatively simple.If the form of multi-head linkage winding is adopted, the work efficiency of the motor winding machine and the increase of output are very obvious.This design can reduce the complexity of the motor winding machine, improve the efficiency, the later adjustment is more convenient, reduce the time of equipment maintenance.Multi-head linkage technology has been widely used in the processing of electromagnetic coil, motor coil and ballast coil.Coil processing needs to use the motor winding machine,motor winding machine needs to integrate a variety of functions, to achieve the coil fully automated processing, testing, complete a variety of auxiliary processes.

2.Development and customization of special models

There are many ways to process the coil, the use of wire and requirements are different.In the past, many domestic manufacturers would give up coil processing with some special requirements.However, with the improvement of science and technology, the technology of the motor winding machine factory is also improving, and some special requirements of the machine can be solved.As manufacturers' processing capabilities improve, customization cycles are also shortening.

3.Application of modular functional controllers

Modular function controller can be based on the different functional requirements of the motor winding machine, and flexible configuration compared with PLC has the advantages of strong computing power, convenient communication, low cost.The control requirements of the motor winding machine are relatively simple and fixed, which is very suitable for modular combined controller.PLC and CNC special controller are now used in the motor winding machine equipment more controller devices.

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The automation technology problem of motor winding machine

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