The characteristics of the motor winding machine speed mode

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The corresponding program should be set up for automatic operation of motor winding machine,so there's going to be certain requirements for operations.At present, the main spindle motor of motor winding machine includes AC motor, DC motor and servo drive motor.Various motor forms in the use of governor will also have a certain difference

motor winding machine

1.Ac motor winding machine speed regulation mode

Ac motor does not have speed control function,So if you want to speed it, you need to install another electromagnetic control device or driver to achieve.The variable frequency motor is used to realize the speed regulation effect, and it is also a relatively energy-saving mode.

2.Dc motor speed control mode

Dc motor speed regulation mode requires the conversion of DC power supply,the DC motor is equipped with a brushless DC speed regulator or motor drive to drive.

3.Servo drive motor speed control mode

Motor winding machine is a very high precision equipment, need to have a special drive equipment to control,The most important characteristic of this driving device is that its torque is relatively stable, which can meet the requirements of precision coil machining during operation.

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The characteristics of the motor winding machine speed mode

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