The difference between brushed DC motor and brushless motor

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The motor is mainly composed of a stator and a rotor. In order to make the rotor turn, the direction of the current needs to be constantly changed, otherwise the rotor can only turn half a circle, which is like a bicycle pedal. So the DC motor needs a commutator.


Broad sense DC motors include brush motors and brushless motors. Brushed motor is also called DC motor or carbon brush motor. The DC motor often referred to refers to a brushed DC motor. It uses mechanical commutation, and the external magnetic pole does not move. The internal coil (armature) moves, and the commutator and rotor coil rotate together. , The brushes and magnets do not move, so the commutator friction and friction, complete the current direction switching. Shenzhen Helix Electromechanical Equipment can provide micro-motor production line equipment such as DC brush motors and DC brushless motors.

Brushless motor is also called DC variable frequency motor (BLDC) in some fields. It uses a motor commutator, and the coil (armature) does not move the magnetic pole. At this time, the permanent magnet can be outside the coil or inside the coil. The outer rotor brushless motor and the inner rotor brushless motor are divided. However, each brushless motor is not a complete power system. The brushless basically must be controlled by the brushless controller, that is, the ESC to achieve continuous operation. It is the brushless electronic governor that really determines its performance.

There are two types of general brushless motors, one is square wave and the other is sine wave. Sometimes the former is called a DC brushless motor, and the latter is called an AC servo motor, which is exactly a kind of AC servo motor. Brushless motors have different operating modes, which can be divided into inner rotor brushless motors and outer rotor brushless motors. The inner rotor is all three-phase and the price is more expensive. The outer rotor is usually single-phase, and the price is close to the people. Mass production is close to the carbon brush motor, so it has been widely used in recent years.

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The difference between brushed DC motor and brushless motor

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