The failure of the control system of the motor winding machine

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The wire motor winding machine is a kind of intelligent electrical equipment that integrates mechanical, electrical, sensing, and data centralized processing. It can be used to complete the batch high-quality winding processing plan of the coil. When the arranging motor winding machine has a fault when it is running, it can use its own data processing and sensors to make judgments. In order to enable the arranging winding machine to operate efficiently and control accuracy, if a fault occurs, it is necessary to solve the problem in time according to the fault code.

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1. The cable motor winding machine cannot be started normally

When this type of failure occurs, most of the problems are caused by her operating parameter settings, such as the number of windings or the speed set to 0. The setting of the winding machine parameters will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment. When starting the winding machine Check the parameter equipment first to avoid affecting the normal startup of the arranging winding machine due to parameter equipment errors.

2. The wire winding machine stops suddenly during operation

When this happens, you need to pay attention to the main shaft transmission mechanism of the winding machine and the operation of each drive, and make sure that it is not caused by hardware problems. Check the parameter settings of the winding machine, focusing on whether the speed setting of the winding machine is too high, or there is a problem with the wire diameter parameter, and the consistency of the width of the automatic winding with the skeleton.

3. Control system alarms that occasionally appear

When the arranging motor winding machine is running miscellaneously, because it has been dealing with the high-intensity operation state, long-term data accumulation will cause some accidental alarms of the winding machine. If this kind of situation occurs, you need to deal with it according to the requirements of the motor winding machine's manual.

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The failure of the control system of the motor winding machine

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