The fastest way to deal with motor winding machine failure

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The automatic motor winding machine in use suddenly fails, the simplest, quick and effective way is to replace the suspected faulty parts with intact parts. The motor winding machine maintenance personnel can quickly diagnose the fault scale in this way after judging the cause of the fault. And make the motor winding machine can quickly put into normal operation, and then return the broken parts for repair, which is the simplest and fastest way. For some very strange faults, if you can't find the cause by using the removal and replacement method, you often need to start with the surrounding environment. The environment is generally divided into two types:

1. Power

2. Space

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The power supply can be improved by using a regulated isolated power supply to improve fluctuations from the power supply. For some high-frequency interference from the power supply, capacitor filtering methods can be used. These preventive methods can be used to reduce the faults caused by the power supply, increase and check whether the grounding Brilliance is also necessary. There are many reasons for space interference, such as dust, gas, etc., foundation floating, vibration, etc., space radiation interference, etc., which are varied and require experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment to detect and maintain.

Maintenance information tracking method: According to the actual work of the motor winding machine and the past fault records, occasional faults caused by the design or production process defects of the motor winding machine can be found, which can be solved by continuous improvement and perfection of the system software or hardware.

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Users need to provide these improvements to our maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information. Through these customer feedback, the motor winding machine manufacturer can use this as a basis for troubleshooting, and eliminate the fault correctly and completely. In short, the first step of motor winding machine maintenance is to determine the real cause and fault location as soon as possible according to the fault phenomenon. There are no strict regulations on the actual use of these fault handling methods, and sometimes only one method can be used to remove Failures may also require multiple methods to proceed simultaneously. The key point depends on the experience of the maintenance technician and the depth of his understanding and mastery of the principles and structure of the system. This is not only the necessary quality of maintenance personnel, but also puts forward high requirements on maintenance personnel. It requires automatic motor winding machine maintenance personnel to be familiar with the structure and design ideas of the motor winding machine, and to be familiar with the performance of the automatic motor winding machine. In this way, we can find out the cause of the fault and determine the location of the fault as quickly as possible. In addition, in order to conduct on-site surveying and mapping of certain circuits and parts during maintenance, as a senior maintenance person, we should have the ability to draw engineering drawings.

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The fastest way to deal with motor winding machine failure

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