The function of special fixture in automatic stator winding machine

 Industry information     |      2020-06-16 14:36

The automatic stator winder during winding different demand of winding will use auxiliary complete jig in fully automatic motor assembly line.

stator winding machine

The role of the automatic stator winding machine assembly fixture in the running process:

1.Reduce mold loading time and improve labor productivity

The use of fixture is first fixed to the automatic stator winding machine,also adjust the spacing,make sure the fixture is in normal condition.Then install and debug the wire winding skeleton on the jig and use special positioning parts to complete the installation of wire winding skeleton.

2.Ensure the precision and quality of winding

When the frame and row wheel position spacing is installed correctly,the winding machine is not susceptible to external influence during winding,it is can ensure the precision and quality of winding.

3.Reduce the labor intensity of operators

The installation of the stator winding mechanic loading fixture is relatively simple,the installation is easy for the operator to complete,it doesn't take too much time to adjust.Therefore, the use of special fixture has significantly reduced the labor intensity of operators.