The maintenance of the automatic stator winding machine

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In order to make the automatic stator winding machine equipment can run normally, avoid all kinds of faults in the automatic stator assembly line.Enterprises usually must do a good job of stator winder maintenance and cleaning, timely replacement of some configuration, update the system.The stator winder in what are the maintenance work is mainly in the daily operation.

automatic stator assembly line

1.For the stator winding machine to run normally, daily inspection and correct operation are necessary

To establish the equipment manual, you can check some stator winding machine operation and existing problems in this record.At the beginning of operation, carefully check the table, line guide and the main sliding surface facilities, clean up impurities and obstacles on them, timely wipe oil, check whether there are some bumps and other problems on the device, and record.Check the safety protection of stator winding machine, the perfection of power supply and limit device, check whether the door of electrical distribution box is closed, and whether the electrical grounding and accessories are in good condition.Proper installation of wire roller, felt clip, wire retractor, ceramic parts, etc.Run ahead of the line, check for smooth running and abnormal noise during the run.

automatic stator assembly line

2.The stator winding machine can be started normally if no abnormal condition is found after the inspection

During operation, operators must strictly follow the requirements of use,many irregular operation will damage the stator winding equipment.During the operation of the equipment must be careful operation, do not do something irrelevant to the work.When the stator winding machine is to leave the equipment, stop in time, cut off the power supply, air source device, according to the process requirements for winding.

Automatic Stator Winding  Machine

3.Do not arbitrarily increase the wire diameter, winding number and winding speed

The winding spindle of the stator winder with over specification, over load and over important operation is not allowed.It is necessary to install the mold correctly, and the method of lengthening the handle can't be used to increase the torque to fix the mold.The mechanical speed change, clamping and adjusting of the spindle and the wiring device shall be carried out after the stop.In order to ensure the safety of operators in case of abnormal condition of the equipment, the protection device should be installed correctly, especially in the stator winding machine wire rod and wire winding diameter is not allowed to place other items.If there is an action failure, crawling, noise, smell, touch injury anomalies, such as need to stop and check immediately, when the fault is resolved to run again in the future.

automatic stator winder

4.The stator winding machine should be stopped and cleaned in time after use

After the stator winding machine stops running completely, cut off the power supply and air source, and clean up the debris left in the winding operation.Carry out refueling and maintenance on the displacement mechanism and spool, and keep a good record in the equipment manual.

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The maintenance of the automatic stator winding machine

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