The role of automatic motor winding machine parts

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The automatic motor winding machine is composed of a combination of components with various functions, and these components integrate their respective functions into the application of the automatic winding machine. Among the many functional components of the automatic winding machine, the main shaft system, the winding system, and the control system are all core components, and each component has electrical parts and mechanical parts. The combination of these components makes the automatic motorwinding machine have certain intelligent processing and linkage control capabilities to complete the winding operation.

motor winding machine

1. The control system belongs to the electrical system of automatic motor inding machine processing accuracy and function. It has the functions of data processing, signal transmission, and control of various executive parts. It mainly includes single-chip circuit, digital DSP circuit, PLC motor and other types. Processing requires configuration.

2. The shaft system is a component that provides the winding power of the automatic motor inding machine. It is usually composed of a motor, a deceleration mechanism, and a power transmission mechanism. Common automatic winding machines have speed regulation capabilities. Generally, the motor speed regulation mechanism is used to achieve variable speed and power configuration. The size depends on the processing type of the model.

3. Compared with the ordinary winding, the automatic motor inding machine also adds a wire winding mechanism. The wire winding mechanism is used to realize the automatic wire winding function of the coil processing. The common configuration is that the stepping motor drives the ball screw to realize the wire winding displacement, which is controlled by The system realizes linkage control with the spindle.

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The role of automatic motor winding machine parts

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