The role of sensors in motor winding machine

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The sensor is a very common part in the motor winding machine, and now the requirement of the sensor is also increasing.So what is the function of the sensor in the motor winding machine.

Motor winding machine

1.Test the count, speed and other parameters of the motor winding machine

The most basic function of the winding machine sensor is counting, which can count the output of the winding machine as well as the number of spindle rings.In addition, the rotation speed of the spindle is accomplished by the use of sensors.Through these data, users can easily calculate the output, combine with other data for analysis, and get the optimal production plan.Different wire diameters to choose different winding speeds also have scientific data, rather than relying on experience to choose, these are the role of the sensor in the motor winding machine.

2.Detection equipment displacement, safety limit

The winder's wiring system USES sensors to tell the device where to start and which is the maximum.Now the motor winding machine has been automated, many processes do not need manual intervention, manual only need to carry out some simple auxiliary operations.

The motor winder is equipped with sensors at specific locations,the frame in place, the tailstock position and so on need to use the sensor to complete.

3.Detect the good and defective products

After using the motor winding machine to complete the production,according to different sensors equipped with different products to pick out defective products, without manual selection steps, improve the degree of automation, save time and labor costs.Visual detection systems, which have been popular in recent years, use industrial cameras to take pictures of products in specific locations.Machine vision can be used in many industries by calculating whether it is good or not.

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The role of sensors in motor winding machine

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