The role of supporting tailstock during operation

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In a relatively large-scale automatic motor coil winding machine, there is a component called a supporting tailstock, which is somewhat similar to the top part of a lathe. Generally there are two types of manual type and pneumatic type. The supporting tailstock is used in automatic motor coil winding machines, as well as in stator winding machines and other motor coil winding machine equipment with a comparison of winding widths, and the stable operation of the equipment is realized through this part.

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1. By supporting the tailstock, the concentricity of the winding machine can be connected.

Winding machine equipment is a kind of high-speed mechanical equipment, and its concentricity will have a certain impact on the stability of the overall operation and the wiring situation. During the operation of the motor coil winding machine, if the main shaft jumps, it will affect the overall use of the motor coil winding machine. In addition, if the winding machine needs to achieve a tight winding effect, it also needs the linkage of the winding mechanism and the spindle mechanism, so the concentricity parameters of the winding machine's spindle will have a direct impact on the operation of the winding machine.

2. Ability to use the winding machine to have stronger load-bearing capacity

In the stator winding machine, the load-bearing level of the spindle is a very important technical parameter, which will directly affect the processing scale of the motor coil winding machine. By supporting the tailstock, the motor coil winding machine equipment can have a higher load-bearing capacity and better tool holding force.

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The role of supporting tailstock during operation

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