The solution to the failure of the automatic needle winding machine

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Automatic needle Winding machine faults are mainly electrical, mechanical, transmission, if there is pneumatic, there are pneumatic faults,the electric part also divides the strong, the weak current.Automatic needle Winding machine failure occurs, the first to carry on the power, and stop the operation, ensure the safety in production, to avoid failure. After the shutdown, the need for winding machine fault maintenance processing.

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1.Complete reset method

In general, the machine error caused by instantaneous failure of winding machine can be removed by hardware reset or switching system power supply.If the working storage area of the system is disordered due to unstable voltage, unplug circuit board or rectifier switch power supply undervoltage, the system must be initialized and cleared.Should pay attention to ready before removing the current data backup records, if still cannot be ruled out after reset initialization failure, hardware replacement diagnosis.

needle Winding machine

2.Compile the trial operation procedure

A reasonable program and run the success is in good condition or not on the basis of the whole system function, some winding parameter setting error may cause system fault or a function is invalid, sometimes caused by the user program error downtime, this can be used in a pilot program to inspect, correction of errors, the user program to ensure its normal operation.

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3.Use each adjustable component

It is a simple and effective way to adjust the winding tension, screen voltage and the starting position of the wire rack. Fix some glitches by adjusting the adjustable parts. If in a certain enterprise maintenance of a used for many years of automatic needle winding machine, the system screen screen is dark, after adjusting the screen power supply voltage is normal.

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4.Replacement method of spare parts

In the maintenance of the automatic needle winding machine, the parts suspected to be faulty are replaced with intact spare parts. After the maintenance personnel basically judge the cause of the fault, this method can be used to diagnose the scope of the fault quickly, put the automatic needle winding machine into normal operation quickly, and then return the damaged parts to repair. This is the most commonly used troubleshooting method at present.

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5.Improving environmental quality

For some special faults, the reason cannot be found by the method of elimination and replacement. It is often necessary to start from the surrounding environment, which is generally divided into two types: power supply and space. The power supply can be improved by isolating the power supply with stable voltage to improve the fluctuation from the power supply. For some high-frequency interference from the power supply, the capacitive filtering method can be used to reduce the fault caused by the power supply through these preventive measures. It is also necessary to increase and check whether the ground is good or not. There are many reasons for space interference, such as dust and gas, ground buoyancy and vibration, space radiation interference, etc. In addition, experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment are also needed to detect and maintain.

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6.Maintenance information tracking method

According to the actual work of the automatic needle winder and the previous fault records, the accidental faults caused by the design or production process defects of the automatic needle winder can be found and solved by constantly modifying and perfecting the system software or hardware. These modifications are continuously provided to maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information. Through these customer feedback, winder manufacturer NIDE can be used as a basis for troubleshooting, correct and thorough fault eradication, the user's reasonable feedback is also the winder manufacturer NIDE to improve the powerful power.

needle Winding machine

In a word, the maintenance of winding machine first according to the fault site to find out the cause and location, in the actual troubleshooting, these methods can be tried, sometimes as long as one of them can be used to solve the problem, but also a variety of methods at the same time. Whether the fault can be successfully solved depends on the experience of the maintenance master as well as the understanding and depth of the system principle and structure. This is also the maintenance personnel must have the ability, but at the same time, maintenance personnel put forward a very high requirement, it requires CNC winding machine maintenance personnel familiar with the structure and design ideas of winding machine, familiar with the performance of CNC winding machine, in order to quickly find out the cause of the fault, find out the location of the fault. In addition, in order to carry out field mapping for some circuits and parts during maintenance, as a senior maintenance personnel also need to have a certain ability to draw engineering drawings.

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The solution to the failure of the automatic needle winding machine

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