The winding arrangement of the armature motor winding machine

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The most commonly used motor equipment in armature motor winding machine is mainly AC motor.Under normal circumstances, AC motor in the armature motor winding machine equipment is generally can be used for a long time, rarely appear damage phenomenon.However, as the number of ac motors is still relatively large, so usually the number of ac motors of winding machine is still relatively large, which is also the reason for the high proportion of AC motor repair in motor repair.

armature motor winding machine

The maintenance of ac motor windings is mainly to understand and master some of its basic working principles.If the armature motor winding machine winding graph drawing has certain understanding and grasp, and then re-use some old motor or product manuals can know some parameters of the motor winding expansion plan, map the winding expansion plan, in the actual use of according to the chart shows, the ac motor winding maintenance isn't going to be a difficult task.

There are many kinds of winding structure, but their working principle is roughly the same.The role of stator windings Is mainly to generate a rotating magnetic field, and then use the power source to absorb electric energy, which Is transmitted to the rotor through the rotating magnetic field, so that the equipment can be loaded with Is, thus completing the work of electrical energy conversion mechanical ability.

Therefore, in an AC motor, the stator is also called the armature, and the stator winding is called the armature.Most of the rotor is the use of cage rotor guide bar, basically will not have a particularly big problem.There are also some USES is the winding type, the armature motor winding machine paring technique and the stator are about the same. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the main line of winding generating rotating magnetic field when maintaining the winding of ac motor of winding machine.

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The winding arrangement of the armature motor winding machine

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