There are several points to note when installing automatic motor assembly line

 Industry information     |      2020-06-02 10:40

When we installed automatic motor assembly line, there are certain matters needing attention, so what are the caveats?

automatic motor assembly line

The graphic design of automatic motor assembly line shall ensure the shortest shipping route for the parts, production workers easy to operate, auxiliary service departments easy to work, the most useful exercise of the production area, and consider the connection between the installation of automatic motor assembly line. To satisfy these requirements, the situation of automatic motor assembly line should be considered when arranging the plane, arrangement method of automatic motor assembly line installation site, etc.

automatic motor assembly line

When installing automatic motor assembly line, the working place shall be arranged in accordance with the process route. When there are more than two working places in the process, the arrangement method of unified working places should be considered. Usually, when there are two or more even Numbers of the same workplace, consider using a double-column layout, separate them in two cases along the transport route. But when a worker is in charge of multiple devices, consider keeping the distance of the worker as short as possible.