Thin wire control system of motor winding machine

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The motor winding machine belongs to an automatic processing equipment. It uses a high-tech control system to issue instructions to various components, and realizes the processing and winding of workpieces in batches. When the motor winding machine processes the thin wire, how do the various components cooperate with each other to meet the processing control requirements of the winding process?

motor winding machine

1. Spindle configuration and control system

According to the difference in the processing range of the motor winding machine, the selected spindle motors are also different. AC motors, brushless motors, servo motors, and DC motors are common types of applications. Among them, AC motors have high cost performance and controllability. Therefore, its usage is the largest. The inverter is used as the control system, which has the commonly used control functions in the winding process of start/stop control, online speed regulation, braking and so on.

2. Cable assembly configuration

The winding parts of the motor winding machine usually use a combination of a stepper motor and a ball screw, so that the wire rack can be moved horizontally. The stepper motor can be selected from type 57. The ball screw is generally selected with a 5MM pitch, which is subdivided by the control can make the screw run smoothly, and the control accuracy can reach 0.025mm, which can meet the processing requirements of our common enameled wire.

3. Spindle and cable linkage control

The main shaft and the winding system of the winding system still cannot work normally, and a linkage control system between the two is required. The control system uses Hall vision or rotary encoder and other sensors to sample pulse data from the main shaft winding motor. The pulse number of the stepper motor is controlled by a programmable controller, so that the horizontal movement of the cable arrangement system is synchronized with the spindle speed.

The various components of the motor winding machine play their roles and cooperate with each other to complete the entire winding process. An integrated control system is required between each link to achieve efficient and high-speed winding processing.

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Thin wire control system of motor winding machine

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