Trouble shooting of stator winding machine

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Various faults may occur in the various components of the stator winding machine during operation. At this time, it is necessary to immediately cut off the power to stop the operation of the stator winding machine to avoid further expansion of the fault problem and ensure production safety. When the stator winding machine fails, the following measures can be used to troubleshoot and solve it.

motor coil of stator winding machine

1. If the stator winding machine suddenly has a complete machine error when it is running, when dealing with this type of problem, you can check the fault in turn by hardware reset or switch system power supply. If the working storage area of the system is chaotic due to unstable voltage, unplugging the line or undervoltage of the rectifier switching power supply, the system must be initialized and cleared at this time. At the same time, you need to do a good job of data backup before clearing. When the reset initialization is completed, if the fault still exists, the hardware needs to be replaced and diagnosed.

2. Whether the operation of the stator winding machine can have good overall system functions is a large part of the preparation of reasonable programs. If there is a problem with the setting of the winding parameters, it will lead to the stator winding machine system error or partial function failure. The measures of the user program will cause the failure to stop, so you can test run the programmed program line and check the program operation. Correct the wrong program in time to ensure that the stator winding machine can operate normally.

3. There are many parts in the stator winding machine that can be adjusted, such as the winding tension, the screen voltage, the starting position of the wire rack and so on. Adjusting these parts is a very effective way to repair the stator winding machine, and the operation is simple, which can correct some minor machine faults. For example, if the screen brightness of the actual screen can be achieved by adjusting the screen power supply voltage.

4. When repairing the stator winding machine, you can use normal spare parts to replace the firmware that may be faulty. After determining the basic cause of the failure, this method can find the fault range of the stator winding machine in the shortest time , And can make it run normally as soon as possible, and then repair the faulty parts.

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Trouble shooting of stator winding machine

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