Troubleshooting method for stator winding machine

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Mechanical equipment high frequency will encounter all kinds of fault problems, stator winding machine also has such problems.When the stator winding chance to fault, first of all, it needs to carry on the shutdown maintenance, can be through the following means to troubleshoot the problem.

stator winding machine

1.Replacement of spare parts

When repairing and inspecting the stator winding machine equipment, replace the parts that may be faulty with good spare parts.After the cause of the fault is known, the fault range can be quickly understood through this method, so that the stator winding machine can be put into normal use as soon as possible.Repair the broken parts, it is also now ruled out fault common methods.

2.Compile the trial run program

First of all, it is necessary to compile a reasonable program and run it, which is the basis to determine whether the function of the whole system is intact.If there is a problem with the setting of winding parameters, the system of the winding machine will fail or some of its functions will fail.It is also a common situation that the winding machine is down due to the user program error. The user program error can be corrected and the normal operation of the winding machine can be guaranteed by compiling the trial run program for inspection.

3.Complete reset

Because of operation problems, such as the collider, the instantaneous failure caused by instantaneous power cut leads to errors in the whole stator winding machine, which can be reset by hardware or the power supply of the switching system will remove the faults successively. If the working storage area of the system is confused due to unstable voltage, unplug circuit board or rectifier switch power supply undervoltage, backup the previous data first, and then the system is initialized and cleared. Hardware replacement can be diagnosed after reset initialization when the fault still exists.

4.To make good use of each adjustable parts

The adjustment of winding tension, input voltage, starting position of wire rack and other adjustable components is a very simple and effective method in maintenance. Through the adjustment of adjustable parts, the correction of some hardware fault. The fault alarm of the winding machine can be used to check the reasons for not being in place at each inspection point, whether the workpiece is adjusted improperly, there is collision, interference, whether the detection point has loose shift phenomenon, whether the line is damaged, whether there is dust, butter and other shielding at the induction point.

5.Improving environmental quality

Some of the faults will be special, and the troubleshooting method will not be able to find the cause. At this point, you need to pay attention to nearby environmental factors, such as equipment power and space factors. The power supply can be improved by isolating the power supply with voltage stabilization to achieve the stability of the power supply. For some high-frequency interference from the power supply, the capacitive filtering method can be used to reduce the fault caused by the power supply through these preventive measures. In addition, it is necessary to increase and check whether the ground is good or not. There are many factors of space interference, such as dust and gas, ground buoyance and vibration, space radiation interference, etc., which will affect the operation of stator winding machine. Therefore, experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment are needed to detect and maintain the stator winding machine.

When troubleshooting stator winding machine, it is necessary to analyze the surrounding situation and determine the root cause and location of the problem as soon as possible. The above methods can be selected according to the actual situation. As long as the fault can be checked, which method is feasible.

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Troubleshooting method for stator winding machine

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