Use of various motors in automatic armature winder

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There are many types of automatic armature winder, and the performance and application of parts have also been greatly improved compared with the previous ones. The spindle motor is the most important part of the automatic armature winder. Its stability and durability have a great influence on the overall performance of the winding machine. The development of the motor technology has also driven the development of the spindle motor technology of the automatic armature winder. Among them, the application of high-precision servo motors, high-speed brushless motors, and high-power inverter motors has greatly improved the performance and application fields of modern automatic armature winder.

automatic armature winder

1. The AC asynchronous motor is currently the most commonly used motor equipment. The price of this motor equipment is relatively low, and the technology is also very mature. It is the most common form of motor in the current winding machine spindle motor. From traditional CNC winding machine to fully automatic armature winder and transformer winding machine, there are applications. When the early frequency conversion technology was not popular, electromagnetic speed regulating motor was generally used to adjust the speed of the winding machine. It is usually realized by a contactor circuit. Modern winding machines use frequency converters, so no cumbersome control circuit is needed to realize the function. Speed regulation, braking, forward and reverse winding can be achieved with the use of frequency conversion motors. At present, the large-scale winding machine is the main model used for AC asynchronous motors.

Stepper motors are often used in medical equipment and food machinery, and its role in winding machines is also very important. Stepper motors have precise positioning, strong controllability, small size, etc. These motors are mainly used in wire winding mechanisms and position moving devices in automatic armature winder. The winding effect of a automatic armature winder determines the winding machine Performance, then, it can be said that the accuracy of the stepper motor determines the accuracy of the winding of the winding machine. The importance of the mobile device in other positions is the same. For example, the auxiliary mold loading and unloading control requires the accuracy of the stepper motor. The error value of the moving is generally less than 10S. At present, more stepper motors such as 57BYG and 86BYG are used.

automatic armature winder

3. The servo motor is also a common type of motor. It is a high-precision, closed-loop control and other excellent performance motors. These motors are equipped with high-precision encoders, which can achieve precise positioning, rapid start and stop, and pass. The dedicated controller can control a series of parameters such as its torque and rotation angle. It is the representative of the current high-performance motors. It can be used as a spindle motor in the automatic armature winder or as a spindle motor. It can make the parking position of the automatic armature winder more accurate, meet the winding process with cross-groove requirements, and at the same time can control the output torque, which can make the wound coil more compliant. As a wire winding motor, it is currently precision the first choice of the automatic armature winder, with the closed-loop control function, it can move the position more accurately when handling the thin wire, and meet the requirements of the thin wire. The development of science and technology has driven the rapid development of electrical equipment and other industries, simplified the functions that were originally difficult to achieve, and made all walks of life move towards a higher level.

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Use of various motors in automatic armature winder

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