What inspection should be done before the operation of stator winding machine?

 Industry information     |      2020-05-27 14:46

The stator winding machine is widely used in the motor industry, electrical home appliances, model aircraft motor, as well as electric vehicles and other industries will be involved. In order to ensure that the stator winding machine can operate normally and meet the production requirements of the enterprise, Some testing needs to be done before it can be run.

stator winding machine

1. Visual inspection and measurement

When assembling the stator winding machine out of the box, we should pay attention to the appearance and configuration of the equipment. During assembly, the contact conditions and smoothness of the sliding parts should be tested. Use testing tools to measure the coaxiality of various shafts and bushing holes, and check the lubrication status of the relevant operating parts, Ensure that it can run smoothly and reliably, and there will be no blockage.

2. No-load running

Before the official use, it should be operated without load for about half an hour, check the bearing parts, and there was no appreciable increase in the temperature of the sliding part. In this process, it can also check whether the stator winding machine can operate normally in the high and low speed and each working process. When checking across slots, accuracy of parking position, check the brake problem is normal, and whether the tensioner and the wire passing wheel in the wire passing device are smooth and clean.

3. Take line running

Stator winding machine in the winding operation, we can check that the count of winding loops is accurate, line arrangement device is moving smoothly and correctly. According to the established process, visually check whether the finished coil is flat and compact, and whether the insulation layer of enameled wire is complete.