What's the difference between automatic needle winder and semi-needle winding machine?

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The needle winding machine equipment have two types: fully automatic needle winder and semi-automatic winding machine. From the literal meaning, we can  understand the two differences, so what are the specific differences?


At first , the fully automatic winding machine must be fully utilized, especially in the first year. Make the defects of the equipment exposed as early as possible, Complete the troubleshooting within the warranty period of the equipment.

If the manufacturer does not have a production task for the time being, it also needs to be powered on at intervals. It can not be less than 1-2 times a week. After power on, it needs to run idle for about 1 hour. Because the needle winding machine equipment will generate heat during operation, so it can play the role of self dehumidification. In addition, the problem of insufficient battery power can be found in time, avoid the loss of system setting parameters due to insufficient power.

The automatic winder usually needs a person to load the material on the vibrating plate when it is in use. If this person can handle multiple winders at the same time, the price of semi-automatic winder will be more expensive. While the semi-automatic winder can only operate one winder when loading materials, which will be relatively cheaper. And there is no vibration disk, so it needs to install the framework on the fixture manually, and the next work is done automatically by the machine, realize the purpose of assembly line production and improve production efficiency. The needle winder shall be operated in accordance with the normal process and maintained to extend the service life of the winder.

Nowadays, the level of Industrial Science and technology is getting higher and higher, in the same way, the winding machine has developed from the first ordinary needle winding machine to the current automatic needle winding machine, full-automatic needle winding machine, etc. When choosing the type of winding machine equipment, the enterprise should choose a suitable one according to its own financial resources.

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What's the difference between automatic needle winder and semi-needle winding machine?

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