Why use automatic winding machine to wind motor coil

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In the coil winding process, the current mode of automatic coil winding machine processing has gradually replaced the manual winding method in the past, and the emergence of automatic coil winding machine has also led to the rapid development of the coil processing industry. Through the streamlined work flow, Coil winding processing efficiency has been significantly improved, and in terms of quality, the product failure rate has been significantly reduced. The advantages of using an automatic coil winding machine to wind the coil are specifically manifested in the following points.

automatic coil winding machine

1. The automatic coil winding machine uses PLC controller for operation control, which can make more precise adjustments to the winding speed of the winding machine, as well as the number of ties, time and debugging work.

2. Through the mechanical processing of the automatic coil winding machine, the wiring is more compact and neat, and the deformation of the wire diameter will not be affected by this.

3. The automatic coil winding machine can be adjusted and set by the program setting, and it can wind a variety of different windings on one winding machine equipment, and the entire process can be completed by only one operator, corresponding to the enterprise capacity and efficiency There will be a significant improvement.

4. The operation of the automatic coil winding machine can be carried out without interruption, which not only improves the efficiency of the enterprise, but also reduces the operating cost.

5. The automatic coil winding machine is a high-tech intelligent product, and its energy-saving design is also a major feature, which can effectively control power consumption.

6. It belongs to a kind of mechanical equipment that is relatively easy to operate. After some basic operation training, the operation can be completed, which is more user-friendly.

7. The automatic coil winding machine sets the winding program according to the type of coil, and the samples that can be wound are more diverse.

The development of the coil winding machine presents a trend of automation, intelligence, humanization, and diversification. Its use has made the company's production efficiency and the coil industry have a huge development. Of course, the requirements for coil winding machines will be higher in the future, so research on the winding machine industry is also ongoing. According to actual needs, more efficient, energy-saving and multifunctional automatic coil winding machine equipment will appear.

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Why use automatic winding machine to wind motor coil

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