Why use motor winding machine to wind motor coil

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The automatic motor winding machine is a new type of equipment that can meet the high efficiency and high output needs of enterprises. The automatic motor winding machine generally adopts the design mode of multi-head linkage, which is a kind of automatic mechanical equipment with very high production efficiency, which reduces the degree of dependence of the enterprise on labor.

automatic motor winding machine

1. The automatic motor winding machine can achieve continuous automatic working mode, so that relying on employees does not require employees to keep shifting, and the winding efficiency and quality will also be significantly improved.

2. The grassland personnel need to place the wire to be wound on the winding reel, press the switch to realize the automatic winding process, and the equipment can automatically cut the wire after the winding is completed.

3. Set the length of the winding and the number of windings according to actual needs to meet individual needs.

4. The motor winding machine equipment is controlled by the PLC program, and the parameters will be displayed in real time on the LED, and adjusted according to the actual production needs. The operation process is very convenient, the winding quality is stable, and it is safe and reliable.

The application of the six-axis automatic motor winding machine will reduce the enterprise's dependence on manual operation and ensure the winding quality. Moreover, the later equipment maintenance work is also more convenient, and it is also an automatic mechanical equipment that is easy to maintain.

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Why use motor winding machine to wind motor coil

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