Winding process of fine wire motor winding machine

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The motor winding machine can effectively improve the productivity of enterprises, and the variety of winding workpieces has been greatly improved. However, when winding some relatively small enameled wires, the cable may not be neat enough and the winding tension cannot be controlled. It is especially obvious when winding some coils such as voice coils and sensor cores less than 0.1mm. So there is a fine wire motor winding machine.

motor winding machine

The fine wire motor winding machine also uses a stepper motor to achieve operation, and the tension control still uses a spring friction plate tensioner. However, in order to show the winding demand for the fine enameled wire, some changes were made in the design, mainly by using the conforming wire method, and a tension indicator was installed. In this way, the overall performance of the winding machine has been improved to a certain extent, and the quality of the wound coil has also been improved.

The additional tension indicator allows the operator to accurately know the tension of the motor winding machine at the moment of winding, avoiding some tension deviation caused by the way of experience. This solves the tension problem that occurs when the winding machine winds the thin thread.

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Winding process of fine wire motor winding machine

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