How to use motor winding machine to ensure the quality of precision coils

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Conventional motor winding machine cannot meet the winding requirements when winding some precision micro coils. The precision micro coils are thin due to the thin wire, and the overall coil is small, and the slot full rate requirements are relatively high. Therefore, its winding requires high precision, unlike conventional motor winding machine that allow certain errors. Therefore, the winding quality of precision fine coils requires higher requirements on the winding machine to a certain extent.

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The winding of precision coils must first ensure the accuracy of the hardware structure of the motor winding machine. From parts processing and later assembly, the automation standards need to be improved. The winding process is completed through the parameter setting of the control system to ensure the accuracy of the coil winding. In addition, it is also necessary to require a certain quality of the strength of the hardware structure of the winding machine to ensure that the motor winding machine can operate stably and avoid vibration and irregular forces during operation. If the strength of the motor winding machine does not meet the requirements, its winding accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It will increase the wear problem of the winding machine and shorten its service life.

When producing and developing precision coil winding machines, winding machine manufacturers fully consider various situations that lead to errors. In addition, the use of miniaturized actuators in the motor winding machine equipment can reduce the inertia of the moving parts, and can achieve high-precision and high-rigidity motion control requirements during the high-speed winding process of the motor winding machine, thereby improving the winding machine The precision of the coil, the quality of the coil, and the purpose of saving energy and space resources can also be achieved.

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How to use motor winding machine to ensure the quality of precision coils

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