The role of tension control in the motor winding machine

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In the process of winding the enameled wire by the motor winding machine, the tension is a very important parameter. The enameled wire will provide the winding tension reference value when it leaves the factory. During the winding process, you must ensure that the parameter settings are correct. Avoid affecting the winding quality due to parameter problems. Longer wire packs, especially those in precision sensors, if the tension is not well controlled, it will cause the product electrical parameter distribution to be discrete. Therefore, the tensiometer is indispensable to the motor winding machine, and has also become an important indicator of the motor winding machine.

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In recent years, the development of tensiometers has also been very fast. Nowadays, electronic measurement is basically used to adjust in real time to ensure the stability of tension. However, the price of a motor winding machine with this configuration will be relatively high.

1. Tension control of motor winding machine

At present, a lot of motor winding machine tensiometers are mechanical, and the tension of the spring and the friction plate can be used to adjust the tension. Due to the discreteness of the relevant mechanical parameters, the value on the tensiometer can only be used as a rough reference. In the actual use process, in order to avoid the inaccuracy of the tension device, the tension needs to be measured by pulling the end of the enameled wire with the tensiometer, according to the situation Adjusting the spring force and pressing force, because it is manually measured and adjusted, coupled with the movement of the head during the detour, the spring jump and the friction of the friction plate changes, as well as the cumulative change in the package size will cause tension Fluctuations and deviations will eventually cause a large dispersion of the relevant electrical parameters of the product.

When the motor winding machine winds at a higher speed, the wire tension control is not only related to the set preload, but also related to the influence of the damper and pulley rotation inertia force. Within the allowable range, the higher the speed, the greater the tension . Using this principle, a set of tension fine-tuning system can be designed. An electronic tension gauge (non-locking type) with a data output interface is optionally installed on the machine to realize the real-time measurement of the tension. The speed of the winding machine is real-time based on the tension feedback. adjust.

2. To achieve the effect of tension measurement

The pulley of the motor winding machine is equipped with a pulley and is pulled on the enameled wire. The installation of the tension gauge does not affect the winding process. At the same time, the tension value during winding can be read in real time, and the corresponding tension can be adjusted according to the obtained tension. Generally, the tension is adjusted on the spring tension gauge, and if the deviation value is small, the detour speed can be adjusted appropriately.

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The role of tension control in the motor winding machine

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