What to do if the stator winding machine is broken

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It is a relatively common situation that the stator winding machine equipment has an open circuit. If such a situation occurs, it needs to be stopped immediately, and it can continue to run after it is overhauled. Otherwise, it may affect the normal start of the stator winding machine, and there will be three-phase current imbalance and abnormal vibration. In severe cases, the temperature rises and cannot be controlled, and the winding machine may have problems such as smoke and burning. .

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The reason for the open circuit phenomenon of the stator winding machine may be that the circuit is broken during the maintenance, and it may also be caused by the manufacturing process. In addition, the wire end welding problems of the various parts of the stator winding machine, overheating and de-soldering, damage due to external forces, and short-circuit and grounding of the stator winding machine will cause the winding machine to break the circuit.

When the stator winding machine is broken on site, the first thing to do is to detect it to find the location and cause of the break. It can be detected by observation method. Generally, the position of the breakpoint of the winding machine is most likely to be at the end of the stator winding machine. Visually observe whether there is a welding spot at both ends of the stator winding machine. In addition, you can also use a multimeter or a shaker to test, and test both ends of the winding machine. If an infinite phase is detected, it is an open phase. The power-on detection method is also a more effective method. When the motor is running normally, a clamp ammeter is used to measure the three-phase current. If the three-phase current is unbalanced and the shortcomings of the open circuit can be eliminated, the winding machine with the smallest current has an open circuit. Disadvantages.

When the test result shows that the open circuit is at the end, reconnect and weld it firmly, and then perform insulation treatment. After the insulation paint is dried, the insulation pipe can be put on and it can operate normally. If the position of the open circuit is inside the stator winding machine, most situations cannot be corrected. In this case, the winding machine coil needs to be replaced.

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What to do if the stator winding machine is broken

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