stator winding machine parts lubrication

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The stator winding machine is composed of several moving parts whose sliding affects the whole operation of the stator winding machine.Therefore, usually in the use of stator winding machine to remember the lubrication protection of moving parts, which can extend the service life of the equipment, to ensure stable operation.On the other hand, various faults will occur during operation, which will shorten the service life of stator winding machine.

automatic stator winding machine

1.Stator winder spindle system

The spindle system of stator winding machine mainly consists of spindle motor, transmission parts, winding shaft and thimble parts.Both ends of spindle motor bearings need to be checked at intervals and lubricated with butter.In addition, bearings, end caps and rolling shafts in traditional components need lubrication. The lubrication and maintenance of the wound bobbin can make the previous installation and disassembly more smooth and facilitate the operation of winding. The thimble is also a component for high speed rotation and stress, and is essential for regular lubrication of the bearing.

2.Equipment wiring system

The wiring system of the winding machine includes screw rod, moving optical axis, displacement motor and other components. The precision of the screw is directly related to the quality of winding. If the screw is not lubricated in time, it will wear down, which is irreversible damage. The smoothness of the moving axis as a moving accessory is also very important.

3.Stator winder accessory system

The attachment system of the stator winding machine mainly consists of the winding device and the auxiliary production device. The winding wheel plays the roles of guiding, threading and realizing tension in the stator winding machine.The bearing needs regular lubrication, in order to effectively avoid the phenomenon of stuck line, loose and tight when crossing the line, auxiliary production equipment if the regular lubrication maintenance, will make the operator's work become convenient and simple.

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stator winding machine parts lubrication

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