Fully automatic alternator stator winding machine for generator ND-RXJ-QC

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Product model:ND-RXJ-QC

Fully automatic automobile generator alternator stator winding machine coil inserting machine

(1) Application

The motor winding machine is Suitable for auto alternator stator winding,

(2) Introduction and features

1.Automatic wire winding, automatic coil embedding and inserting.

2.Servo motor control wire arraying and coil winding, inserting coil into stator slot automatically,

3.PLC control, colorful touching screen,

4.High automation and efficiency.

5.Small size machine


(3) Technical Data

Product name: Alternator stator winding and coil inserting machine
Stator O.D: ≤160mm
Stator I.D: 75~120mm
Stack height: <45mm
Slot opening size: ≥2.2mm
Wire diameter: 1.6mm maximum for single wire
Slot fill factor: <70%
Machine dimension: 800*620*1400mm
Voltage: 2KW
Power supply: AC200V, 50Hz 

(4) Picture show

1.Alternator stator winding machine and stator

fully automatic alternator stator winding machine coil inserting machine

2.The stator winding and inserting process

alternator stator winding machine-generator motor stator winding and inserting machine

auto generator stator winding machine