Motor armature manafacturing production line ND-ZZX-5

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Product model:ND-ZZX-5

Fully auto motor armature rotor manafacturing production assembly line

I. The armature rotor production line introduction:

This automatic produciton assembly line is used for the manufacturing production of motor rotors (commutators can be hook or groove). 

The automatic motor armature manufactuing line is transmitted by the belt conveyor line, and the front and rear machines can be connected according to a predetermined communication protocol to realize intelligent automatic production, and the workpiece transfer, loading and unloading, detection, and production process transfer can be completed without manual intervention. 

The motor rotor production assembly line consists of the main operating table (including the upper and lower feed ports), the rotor shaft pressing machine, the rotor commutator pressing machine , the automatic rotor insulation paper insertion, the double flyers armatur rotor coil winding machine, and the fully automatic rotor commutator spot welder,the automatic rotor slot wedge insertion machine, the armature rotor commutator turning machine, the armature rotor deburring machine, the fully automatic rotor integrated testing machine. 

These machines form an automatic rotor production line through belt conveyors.

The workpiece is placed in the production line from the console. 

The entire production line will complete the corresponding process according to the relevant process. 

Finally, it will be recycled back to the lowering port to remove the completed workpiece. 

Each process equipment has functions such as separate setting, display, operation, sound and light alarm.

II. Performance and characteristics

1. This automatic rotor manufacturing production line includes armature shaft presser, armature rotor commutator press, 

rotor insulation paper automatic inserter, double fly fork armature rotor winder, fully automatic rotor commutator spot welder,

 automatic armature rotor slot wedge inserter , rotor commutator finishing turning machine, rotor commutator deburring machine, 

and fully automatic armature rotor testing machine.

2. The complete rotor manufacturing line equipment can be automatically connected or operated independently.

3. Advanced and sophisticated host manufacturing technology combined with a powerful belt conveyor system for

 a variety of different planar configurations.

4. It has the advantages of simplicity, flexibility, high efficiency and reliability, which can greatly save manpower, 

reduce labor intensity and effectively improve production and quality.

5. High-strength all-aluminum frame structure, simple and elegant appearance.

6. The main operation console can perform centralized display monitoring and inquiry on the entire production system, 

and can read and write the process status of the product by manual input instructions, which can change the process of 

processing the product, and the operation is more humanized.

7. Compared with the pneumatic conveying line, the transmission efficiency is higher, the noise is smaller, 

and the workpiece is not damaged during transportation; the belt conveying structure combined with the 

intelligent identification system realizes flexibility from hardware and software, and makes the wiring more flexible and diverse.

8. The whole rotor manufacturing line adopts automatic identification control system. Each process can automatically read,

 write and identify the machining status of the workpiece, so that the line body can better adapt to 

complex and diverse production process requirements.

9. Customers can configure different models into a highly efficient and practical automatic production line according to 

the actual conditions such as product type, technical indicators and production requirements.


III.The main equipment parameters

We can customize the machine according to customer needs, please contact us if you need it.

a. Auto armature rotor commutator pressing machine parameters

Product name

Motor armature commutator pressing   machine

Armature O.D:


Shaft O.D:


Shaft length:


Armature slot number:

8-24 slots

Commutator O.D:


Speed amplitude modulation:


Air source:


Total power:


Power source:



About 400Kg



b. Double flyer winder armature coil winding machine parameters

Product name

Armature rotor coil winding machine

Wire diameter:


Armature O.D:

¢20~¢60   mm

Armature stack length:

10~60 mm

Slot type:

straight slot(No more than 36 slots)

Armature slots number:

Odd, even slot

Counting Range:


Commutator diameter:

¢18~¢40   mm

Fly fork speed:

0~3000 rpm

Indexing speed:

0~3000 rpm

Action process:

Single action, automatic

Air pressure :

4~6 Kg/cm2 ,0.5-0.7MPa

Machine power:






Power supply:

3phase 380V±10%    50/60 Hz

Total weight:

about 1,180 Kg


2000(length)×1300(width)×1800(height) mm3

Production efficiency:

800-900set/class(calculated based on 12slots 24hooks, 20turns)

 c. Fully auto motor armature commutator spot welding machine parameters                         

Product name

Armture commutator hotstaking machine

Loading method: (choose any one from the   following three methods)

1.Manually loading/unloading

2.Manually push guide rail to load/unload

3.Cylinder loading/unloading

Indexing method:

servo indexing

Commutator type:

hook or riser

Wire diameter:


Armature diameter:


Armature Stack length:


Shaft length:


Commutator diameter:


Shaft diameter:


Commutator hook/riser number:


Zero finding method:

manually place armature, cylinder drive one block   for positioning

Pressure control method:

spring + cylinder + pressure detection

Welding head cooling method:

water cooling

Parameter setting:

set on the touch screen and power source ,   Parameter also can be set

Power source control method:

close loop feedback, high accuracy , inversion

Compressed air pressure:


Welding source power:

three phase AC380V±10%  50HZ    40KW

Water cooler power:

three phase AC380V±10%  50HZ   

Machine weight:

800kg(for reference)


785(L)x 910(W)x 2100(H)mm 3 (for   reference)             

IV.The main equipment picture display

1.The double flyer armature rotor coil winding machine

the motor armature manufacturing production line rotor coil winding machine

2. The armature commutator spot welder hot staking machine

2. The armature commutator spot welder hot staking machine

3.The armature rotor commutator turning machine

rotor commutator turning machine

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Motor armature manafacturing production line

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