Semi automatic Armature commutator deburring machine ND-MC-1

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Product model:ND-MC-1

Electric motor armature rotor commutator deburring machine


This brush commutator deburring machine is mainly used to remove the burrs of the motor rotor commutator.

2.Why did the armature rotor commutator deburr?

Deburring is the removal of the thorns or flashes formed at the intersection of the part face and the face.

Some of the burrs on the commutator parts are caused by plastic deformation during the cutting process; some are flashes for casting, die forging, etc., and some are scraps for welding extrusion. The existence of burrs will cause the entire mechanical system to malfunction, resulting in reduced reliability and stability. When the machine with burrs is mechanically moved or vibrated, the burrs that are detached may cause premature wear and noise of the sliding surface of the machine, and even cause the mechanism to become stuck and malfunction. Some electrical systems may be burred when moving with the main machine. If it falls off, the circuit is short-circuited or the magnetic field is damaged, which affects the normal operation of the system. For hydraulic system components, if the burr falls off, the burr will exist in the tiny working gap of each hydraulic component, causing the spool to become stuck and the circuit or filter to be blocked. The accident can also cause fluid turbulence or laminar flow and reduce the performance of the system. The existence of burrs also affects the assembly quality of the mechanical system, affects the processing quality of the subsequent processing steps of the parts and the accuracy of the test results. Therefore, removing the burrs on the mechanical parts is a very important work step.

3.the commutator deburring machine picture show



commutator deburring machine Structural display


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Semi automatic Armature commutator deburring machine

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