Auto BLDC stator production assmebly line ND-AB01

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Product model:ND-AB01

ND-AB01 BLDC motor stator manufacturing production line


This stator production line is suitable for brushless motor stator production.

The stator manufacturing line consists of paper inserting machine, end insulation board inserting machine, needle winding machine, stator tester, tracing system and belt conveyor.

Operator fill material, each process is completed automatically, automatically transfer the stator to next process.

The processing parameter can be set and saved on HMI, and can be called out at any time.

It features High intelligent, high automation, high efficiency and low noise.

The machine has remote diagnosis function.


Product name: Automatic BLDC motor stator production assmebly line

Stator OD: 50-150mm

Stator ID: 30-80mm

Stack length:20-60mm

Winding speed: Max.1000RPM

Wire dia.:0.25-1.1mm


Air pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa 

Winding method:needle winding

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bldc motor stator production line

automatic Brushless DC motor stator manufacturing assembly line

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Auto BLDC stator production assmebly line

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