BLDC outer armature rotor hot staking Machine ND-RWD01

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Product model:ND-RWD01

Rotor hot staking machine Introduction:

The BLDC external rotor hot staking machine is suitable for BLDC motor external rotor, outer armature , ceiling fan motor, balance scooter motor etc.

The BLDC external armature hot staking machine is used for spot welding the wire and terminal of the BLDC rotor , mechanical preliminary positioning the rotor core, the hot staking machine can be adjusted for different dimension rotor, good quality welding source, the spot welding parameter can be set. Spot Welding head is driven by cylinder to move up and down, servo driven indexing. It adapts Precision resistance welding, no consumption parts, no need welding strip, welding wire and solder,etc.

Adapts special water cooling machine, high efficiency cooling circulation system ensures welding power source and transformer can continuously work under normal temperature. During welding, it has blowing system to discharge the smog to the exhaust outlet and be discharged by the exhaust fan

The BLDC external rotor hot staking machine has remote diagnosis function.

Rotor hot staking machine Specification:

Product name

BLDC outer armature hot staking machine

External Rotor dia.:

60-180 mm

External Rotor Stack length:

10-100 mm

Wire dia.0.038-1.5mm

Welding efficiency:


Welding displacement deformation:

adjustable and controllable within 0.1- 0.8mm

Welding resistance:

≤0.02 milli-ohm

Circulation system :

Cooling circulation system,

flow velocity :


water temperature :

can be controlled within 25℃-30℃


Three phase AC380V±10% 50/60HZ





Rotor hot staking machine picture display

1.The BLDC outer rotor hot staking machine front

BLDC outer rotor hot staking machine

2. The BLDC outer rotor hot staking machine left side and right side

BLDC armature hot staking machine

3. The BLDC outer rotor hot staking machine detail

ceiling fan motor armature fusing machine

4. The BLDC outer rotor display

bldc external armature spot welding machine