NIDE 69 series miniature deep groove ball bearing NDPJ-ZC-69

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Product model:NDPJ-ZC-69

NIDE 69 series miniature deep groove ball bearing


Miniature deep groove ball bearings refer to all types of deep groove ball bearings with a metric series diameter less than 9mm or an inch series outer diameter less than 9.525mm.

Miniature deep groove bearing application

Miniature deep groove ball bearings are suitable for various industrial equipment, small rotary motors and other high-speed and low-noise fields, such as: office equipment, micro-motors, instrumentation, laser engraving, small clocks, soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard disk motors , stepper motor, video recorder drum, toy model, computer cooling fan, money counter, fax machine and other related fields.

The 69 series ball bearing is also a kind of miniature deep groove ball bearings.

69 Series ball bearing specifications

69 series deep groove ball bearing

Nide team could manufacture ball bearing as per customer’s drawing and samples. We directly supply our ball bearing to many countries, like USA, France, Turkey, Iran, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico etc.


Information needed for ball bearing inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

1. Ball bearing model number

2. Ball bearing dimension

3. Ball bearing application

4. Required quantity

5. Other technical requirement.

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ball bearing

ball bearing

groove ball bearing

NIDE motor part groove ball 


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