Washing Machine Motor Graphite Carbon Brush NDPJ-TS-72

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Product model:NDPJ-TS-72

Product parameters

  • Product Name:Washing machine motor part carbon brush assembly
  • Material:Copper/graphite /silver/Carbon
  • Size:5*12.5*36 mm or customized
  • Voltage:6V/9V/12V/18V/24V/48V/60V
  • Color:Black
  • Producing Engineering:Mould by machine/cutting by hand
  • Application:Washing machine motor generator motor induction motor DC motor universal motor spare parts
  • Advantage:Low noise long life small spark hard wearing
  • Production Capacity:500000pcs/month
  • Delivery:5-30 workingdays

Customized Washing machine motor carbon brush generator graphite carbon brush

The graphite carbon brush is use for Washing machine motor, generator motor, induction motor, DC motor , universal motor, etc. A carbon brush is a device that transfers energy or signals between the fixed part and the rotating part of a motor or generator or other rotating machinery. It is generally made of pure carbon plus a coagulant. The appearance is generally a square, which is stuck on a metal bracket. There is a spring that presses it tightly on the rotating shaft. For example, after the oil drilling is completed, it needs to be tested, and the instrument must be dropped from the wellbore. The signal is sent from the rotating part (the cable drum covered with steel wire) to the surface instrument through the carbon brush. The carbon brush looks a bit like a pencil eraser, with wires leading out from the top. Large and small in size. As a sliding contact, carbon brushes are widely used in many electrical equipment. The product materials mainly include electrochemical graphite, grease-impregnated graphite, and metal (including copper and silver) graphite. Regarding the choice of carbon brush model, it plays a key role in the stable operation of the entire motor. We can customize carbon brushes according to customer needs.

Picture show:

 Washing machine motor carbon brush

Washing machine motor carbon brush

Washing machine motor carbon brush

NIDE can produce different types of carbon brushes and graphite products. Our carbon brushes are widely used in automobile starters, car alternator , power tool motor, machinery, molds, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electromechanical, universal motor, DC motor, diamond tools and other industries. The company is backed by first-class production technology and advanced equipment, with various professional and technical personnel, senior engineers and experienced production workers. We can provide customers with various types of carbon brush customization and processing to meet customer needs.

We fully implement the ISO9001 quality certification, and at the same time introduce advanced foreign production technology and formula, the products produced are widely used in many fields, and are sold well in domestic and foreign markets, and are exported to North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

If possible, it will better if customer could send us samples.

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Washing Machine Motor Graphite Carbon Brush

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