NHN 6650 Class H insulation paper motor insulation NDPJ-JYZ-6650

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Product model:NDPJ-JYZ-6650

NHN 6650 Class H insulation paper 180 degree High temperature resistance motor insulation material for generator coil slot insulation wedge

1. NHN 6650 insulation paper application

This 6650 NHN insulation paper is suitable for slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation and gasket insulation for Class H high heat resistance motor appliances , such as cables, coils, motors, generators, ballasts, etc., and is used for interlayer insulation of transformers and other electrical appliances, such as dry-type transformers, high-voltage transformers, etc.

2. NHN 6650 insulation paper technical parameters

Parameter name

Specification unit

Product Name:

NHN 6650 H grade high temperature insulation paper

Insulation Material Color:


Insulation paper grade:

Class H , 180-200 ° C

Normal adhesion:

no delamination

Hot adhesion (200±2°C, 10min)

No delamination, no blistering, no glue

Insulation paper thickness:

0.15±15 MM

0.17±15 MM

0.20±15 MM

0.23±15 MM

Quantitative insulation paper:

145 gsm

181 gsm

218 gsm

286 gsm

Nomex thickness:

50 μm

50 μm

50 μm

50 μm

Film thickness:





Breakdown voltage:

≥7 KV

≥9 KV

≥12 KV

≥19 KV

Breakdown voltage after bending:

≥ 6KV

≥ 8 KV

≥ 11 KV

≥17 KV

Pulling strength (longitudinal):

≥ 120N/CM

≥ 160 N/CM


≥200 N/CM

Pulling strength (lateral):

≥ 70N/CM

≥ 90N/CM

≥ 120N/CM

≥ 150N/CM

Elongation (longitudinal):





Elongation (lateral):





3. NHN 6650 insulation paper characteristics

a. Excellent mechanical properties: such as good tensile strength and edge tear resistance, electrical properties, dielectric properties, mechanical toughness, chemical compatibility, thermal conductivity, radiation resistance,

b. low moisture absorption rate, good moisture resistance

c. has excellent insulation properties.

d. insulating paint infiltration effect is strong.

e. Add some heat-resistant organic fiber, long-term withstand voltage at high temperature, excellent flame retardant and flame resistance, thermal stability, heat resistance and thermal conductivity.

f. the material is safe and non-toxic, and the shaping effect is excellent.

4. NHN 6650 insulation paper composition

The insulating paper is a soft three-layer composite insulating material, the middle layer is a polyimide film, and the outer two layers are NOMEX, which is mainly composed of inorganic components, polyimide film, aramid fiber paper, and adhesive, etc.

5. NHN 6650 insulation paper storage

The insulation meterial can be stored indefinitely under normal conditions.

6. NHN 6650 insulation paper picture show

NHN-6650-insulation-paper-motor-material motor stator insulation paper

7. Information needed for insulation material inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

a. Insulation material type: insulation paper, wedge, (including DMD,DM, polyester film, PMP,PET, NHN , NMN ,PM ,Red Vulcanized Fiber,)

b. Insulation material dimension: width, thickness, tolerance.

c. Insulation material thermal class: Class F, Class E, Class B, Class H , Class C

d. Insulation material applications

e. Required quantity: normally its weight

f. Other technical requirement.

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NHN 6650 Class H insulation paper motor insulation

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