NMN 6640 polyester film motor winding insulation material NDPJ-JYZ-6640

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Product model:NDPJ-JYZ-6640

Product parameters

  • Product name:NMN 6640 High temperature electrical insulation material paper for motor
  • Model:NDPJ-JYZ-6640
  • Grade:Class H,180 ℃
  • Width:5-914mm
  • Color:White
  • Normal adhesion:Not layered
  • Hot adhesion:Not layered,No foaming, No glue (200±2°C, 10min)

NMN 6640 polyester film electrical insulation material / High temperature transformer insulating paper

1.NMN 6640 Motor Insulation paper features and performance:

This insulation material paper has a heat resistance grade of H (180 ° C), smooth surface, good dielectric properties, flexibility, excellent mechanical strength, tear strength and paint absorption and electrical properties.

2.NMN 6640 Motor Insulation paper composition:

The electrical insulation paper is a three-layer soft composite material with a transparent or milky white polyester film on the middle layer and a composite DuPont nomex on both sides. The adhesive used is acid-free and high temperature resistant.

3.NMN 6640 Motor Insulation paper application:

NMN 6640 insulation paper is suitable for low-voltage motors, generators, power tools, slot insulation, slot cover insulation and phase insulation, gasket insulation, turn-to-turn insulation and wedge insulation, and can also be used as dry-type transformers and other electrical appliances. Interlayer insulation, end seal insulation, gasket insulation, etc.

4.NMN 6640 Motor Insulation paper Product parameters:

elecrical motor insulation paper

5.NMN 6640 Motor Insulation paper Transportation and storage:

This motor insulation paper should be stored in a dry, ventilated, clean room environment away from moisture. Transportation and storage time should pay attention to fire, moisture, pressure, and sun protection. The storage period is 12 months at room temperature, and can still be used after passing the storage period according to the technical requirements.

6.NMN 6640 Motor Insulation paper picture show

NMN electrical winding insulation paper 

NMN transformer insulation paper motor winding insulation material

7. Information needed for insulation material inquiry

We produce a variety of insulation materials, and can also be customized according to customer needs.It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

a. Insulation material type: insulation paper, wedge, (including DMD,DM, polyester film, PMP,PET, NHN , NMN ,PM ,Red Vulcanized Fiber,)

b. Insulation material dimension: width, thickness, tolerance.

c. Insulation material thermal class: Class F, Class E, Class B, Class H , Class C

d. Insulation material applications

e. Required quantity: normally its weight

f. Other technical requirement.

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NMN 6640 polyester film motor winding insulation material

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