Thermal paper for armature slot insulating NDPJ-JYZ-65520

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Product model:NDPJ-JYZ-65520

Product parameters

  • Thickness:0.15mm-0.45mm
  • Width:5mm-1000mm
  • Thermal class:E
  • Working temperature:120 degree
  • Color:Cyan

65520 Thermal paper for armature slot insulating is a three-layer composite material made of one layer of polyester film and two electrical insulation paper and glued by B class resin. It shows excellent dielectric property. it is widely used in slot, phase and liner insulating of small motor, low-voltage apparatus, transformer and so on.

Information needed for insulation material inquiry

It will be better if customer could send us detailed drawing including below information.

1. Insulation material type: insulation paper, wedge, (including DMD,DM, polyester film, PMP,PET,Red Vulcanized Fiber)

2. Insulation material dimension: width, thickness, tolerance.

3. Insulation material thermal class: Class F, Class E, Class B, Class H

4. Insulation material applications

5. Required quantity: normally its weight

6. Other technical requirement. 

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Thermal paper for armature slot insulating

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