Stator spiral winding sli<x>nky production machine ND-JRJ

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Product model:ND-JRJ

This slinky production machine is used to for spiral winding of die-stamped strip of sheet iron. It is consisted of frame, slinky tooling, transmission mechanism and electric control system. The machine frame is made out of aluminum profiles with solid steel supporting plate, on which main machine units are disposed. With a punch needle structure, the slinky tooling will drive the rotation mechanism. During running, the pinch roller will form the outside dimension. Machine is of high efficiency and it is easy to control the dimension. The slinky tooling is under several processing treatment to ensure its duration and accuracy.

During operation, manually load the material into the slinky tooling. Then set the related parameter and press start button. Machine will do all the process. After that, manually unload the material.


Main data

Power source:           AC220V/50Hz

Control power:           DC24V/100W

Servo motor:           AC220V/1.5KW

Slinky speed:           0-200rpm/min

Air source:                 0.6Mpa~0.8Mpa

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Stator spiral winding sli<x>nky production machine

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