Automatic armature balancing machine ND-BDXDR-2WII-A

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Product model:ND-BDXDR-2WII-A

This two station armature balancing machine has two working stations,one station for balancing,one station for cutting.It is simple operation and simple tooling change. High efficiency and stable performance.

(1) Machine data

Armature apply range

Armature   below 1.6KG

Stack   height:20-60mm

Armature   diameter: Φ25-40mm

Balancing   speed


Milling method

R-shape   or V-shape



Air   supply


Initial   unbalance

In   accordance with difference of rotor radius and cutting depth,

for   example, the max single cut on diameter of 32mm≤500mg, the max single cut on   diameter of 40mm ≤800mg

Cycle   time


Residual   unbalance


Better   than the China national standard Grade 6.3


1700   X 850(1000) X 1550 mm

(2) Application

It is suitable for home appliance, car and power tool motor aramture.

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Automatic armature balancing machine

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