Five Working Station Armature Balancing Machine ND-XSR-5BL-III

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Product model:ND-XSR-5BL-III

Product parameters

  • Type:Five-station
  • Armature apply range:Armature below 1.6KG; 15-60mm(Stack height); Φ40-60mm(Armature diameter)
  • Balancing speed:1000-2200rpm
  • Cutting method:R-shape cutter
  • Power:AC380V
  • Air supply:0.4~0.6Mpa
  • Initial unbalance:According to armature radius and cutting depth
  • Cycle time:10S
  • Residual unbalance eccentricity:Better than the China national standard Grade 6.3
  • Volume (length x width x height):2200 X1500X 1800 mm

This fully automatic electric motor armature dynamic balancing machine has five working station, two for balancing, two for testing, one for loading and unloading. 

(1) Machine function and characteristic

For this type of five stations Armature Balancing Machine, armature does not need to mark, directly put on the conveyor, there are 5 working stations: loading and unloading station, initial measuring station, left side cutting station, right side cutting station and remeasuring station. 

automatic armature balancing machine

(2) Application

The automtaic armature dynamic balancing machine is suitable for DC motor and universal motor ,used for home appliance, car and power tool motor aramture.

(3)Picture show

electric motor rotor balancing machine

automatic motor armature balancing machine

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Five Working Station Armature Balancing Machine

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