Motor armature balancing rotor testing machine ND-DH-6Z

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Product model:ND-DH-6Z

Product parameters

  • Production name:ND-DH-6Z Upgraded version dynamic armature balancing mahcine
  • Range of application:Armature,Rotors
  • Armature diameter:20mm~80mm
  • Stack height:20mm-70mm
  • Ambient temperature:- 5℃~45℃
  • Humidity:83~95%RH(+40℃),68~74%RH(-15℃)
  • rotating speed:2100 rpm
  • Pressure:0.4~0.6Mpa
  • Cycle time:≤10 second
  • Power supply Uniphase phase:AC220V±10% 50Hz
  • Maximum weight:3Kg
  • Maximum armature parameter:35 different armatures

Upgraded version high efficiency customized motor  Dynamic armature balancing equipment rotor testing machine


The armature balancing equipment is used to measure the armature's unbalance. Man-machine interface can show the unbalance with its angle and value. The control system includes single chip, PLC and a man-machine interface. 

The rotor balancing maching can measured Up to 35 different types of rotor

The rotor balancing machine is widely used in the motor field, such as wiper motor, vacuum cleaner motor, mixer motor, window lifter motor, condenser motor, power tool motor, DC motor, etc. 


(2)Why armature balancing test
 improve the quality of the rotor and its composition
 reduce noise
 reduce vibration
 Extend the service life of bearing components (bearings)
 reduce the user's discomfort, reduce product consumption.

(3) Machine function and characteristic

1.This armature balancing machine automatically measures the unbalancing amount of the armature, automatically stops  the armature at the unbalancing position

2.Imbalance point positioning automatically

3.No need to mark on the armature (such as reflective sheet, black mark an so on)

4.Low operation skill requirement to staff

5.Reduce the complexity of the machine operation

6.Operator needs to stick the balancing mud onto the unbalancing position manually. 

(4).Operating Ambient parameters
The armature balancing equipment can be used continually and normally in 72 hours under below condition when Ambient temperature is -5℃~45℃ and the Humidity is 83~95%RH(+40℃)or 68~74%RH(-15℃)

(5)Picture show

rotor testing machine

rotor testing machine

rotor testing machine

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Motor armature balancing rotor testing machine

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