Armature trickling impregnation machine ND-ZDG63-156

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Product model:ND-ZDG63-156

Product parameters

  • Working position:156x2
  • Working pitch:76mm
  • Temprature reaching time:≤45
  • Tunnel working temprature:1~160 ℃
  • Pitch time:1~10 min adjustable
  • Power:36KW
  • Dimension:6mx1.6mx2.1m
  • Weight:4200KG

Armature trickling impregnation machine is used to trickle varnish to armature coils. Machine is of high automation. All the related parameter can be programmed in the operating board. 

(1) Application

This machine is suitable for home appliance, car, and power tooling motor armature.

(2) Machine function and characteristic

The whole process, except for loading and unloading armature, is completely automatically. Armature trickling machine can automatically finish the full procedure of pre-heating, air cooling, trickling (rolling), distribute even and post curing, etc. The automatic production guarantees the good and stable quality standard of the armature.

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Armature trickling impregnation machine

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