Auto Electrostatic Armature Resin Coating Machine ND-JF-80GD

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Product model:ND-JF-80GD

This Electrostatic Automatic Armature Resin Coating Machine is applied for armature lamination insulating. Machine will automatically do resin coating, curing, and resin recycling process. Machine is suitable for mass production. 

(1) Machine parameter

Max   OD


Max   stack length


Max   shaft OD


Transmission   speed


Working   efficiency


Curing   method

High   frequency shaping

Coating   thickness

0.15~0.5mm   adjustable

(2) Applications: 

This machine is widely used in mini rotor insulating coating, such as automotive, motorcycle, power cycle, toy and small electromotor of appliance.

(3) Machine function and characteristic

This machine has a wide application, and easy for operation. The coated armature has shiny surface, even thickness, good electricity performance.
Small motor is transported to fluid bed by screw for coating. Insulation power is equally coated on its surface, and then cured by high frequency heating. This machine consists of coating, curing, cooling and powder recycling. Except loading and unloading, the other processes are completed automatically.


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Auto Electrostatic Armature Resin Coating Machine

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