Multifunctional intelligent armature rotor testing machine ND-ATA-812

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Product model:ND-ATA-812

Automatic two stations armature rotor testing machine for welding resistance and insulation resistance testing

I. Test object: armature rotor

II. Test item and specification

1. Test:bar to bar resistance, welding resistance, insulation resistance(lamination to winding, shaft to lamination, shaft to winding), Hipot and surge

2. Station:two stations

3. Clamping mode:place the tested rotor at the test station, and the system will clamp automatically.

III. Technical parameters:

commutator pics     5-128 to bar resistance  

precision ≤±0.5%+3 digits 

2.welding resistance

precision≤±10uΩ(bar resistance≤10Ω)

3.insulation resistance   

voltage rangeDC 500V/1000V
voltage precision≤±1.5% +3 digits
test range0.1- 500MΩ
test precision ≤±2.5%  +3 digits


voltage range0-3000V/5000V , iron core and winding/shaft and winding/shaft and iron core  single double insulation resistance
voltage precision≤±2.5% +3 digits
leakage current range0-5/10/20mA
leakage current precision≤±2.5%  +3 digits      


voltage range0-3000V
voltage precision≤±2.5% display value+2.5% , measuring+3 digits
graph limits value min. difference0.1%(graph difference)
impulse interval settingavailable
sampling frequency20/40MHz (self-adjustable) 

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Multifunctional intelligent armature rotor testing machine

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